Friday, January 16, 2009

some things we do

What have we done that isn't vanilla?

- sex almost always beings with me massaging/kissing her feet/body
- she'll have me lick her ass while she uses a dildo
- she'll have me kiss/lick her feet while she plays with her dildo. (she also likes me inside but I don't last long since she became boss. I just get far too excited!)
- when she allows me to come she often likes me standing at the end of the bed with one leg up on the bed so she can see better She then needs me to come in my hands and lick it.
- I'll wash her in the shower. Kneel down to scrub her legs, feet. Kiss her feet and pussy. I love looking up at her face while kneeling before her.
- as she's blow drying her hair I'll massage her shoulders. Then rub lotion on her legs/feet, followed by being allowed to kiss her feet and very briefly her pussy/anus.
- once at a hotel function we snook out to a (somewhat) private area downstairs. I knelt before her kissing her feet through her sandals and masturbated.
- I'll occasionally paint her toenails
- she'll spank me when misbehaved
- if we ever argue she'll say "who's the boss?" and then occasionally have me kiss her feet.
- she can demand a foot massage at any time. I've never refused.
- she likes to make me masturbate in ways which are semi-public or have my naked butt against the window when doing it in a hotel.
- I'll put on her shoes as we leave the house.
Not all the above are done on a regular basis.I work long hours in a senior management position and she raises two kids under 3 who don't like sleeping. Our FLR life is occasionally forgotten due to stress etc..
The only prop we use is her dildo. It's all very much based aroun
d worshipping her.


  1. I envy you.

    I love my wife, but she's far too sexually reserved for any of this.

    Maybe that's what it all comes down to... the wife feeling sexually confident or liberated enough to "let go".

  2. Most of this is sexual domination. You poor thing, I really feel your pain.

    Actually, most of us would love that much sexual context in addition to submission in general. And then some of us would love any of that in any context. Just don't become spoiled.

  3. Very nice. Very sexual. Does she "boss you around" in public?

  4. I get this on occassions, but mostly in the bedroom, was there a time for you when it was the same for you, and what happened to change this, for your wife to take this outside the bedroom

  5. She doesn't "boss" me around in public in an obvious way, yet. But she's not afraid to ask for what she wants.