Thursday, November 26, 2009

quick update

My wife and I have both been down with illness the last few weeks.
I've also be working harder and longer hours than ever. (if only the girls in the office new their serious business like manager is sitting at his desk in his formal suit with a nice pair of lace panties underneath!)

Sometimes I wonder about things like that. My wife and I don't consider ourselves too unusual. I wonder how many people I know who may secretly have unusual fetishes that most people would never ever guess.

Despite my wife being sick and having a period she has wanted sex a couple of times the last few weeks, much to my pleasant surprise.

She has also had me file and polish her toenails.

As soon as she stops taking any medication and gets back to a normal, healthy diet I'm sure I'll have to taste some more of her "golden goodness"
I love my wife.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New toy

I asked my wife if I could buy a new toy--a hollow dildo. The rationale being that I could pleasure her as long as she needed and be denied pleasure at the same time. She loved the idea and ordered it herself

When I cam home from work yesterday she told me it had arrived. She seemed really tired from a busy day, not in the mood for anything and went off to bed early. I stayed downstairs to clean the kitchen and then tried it on. It fitted fine and was quite comfortable. I could only fit into it when flaccid.

Later on when getting into bed she asked me if I had tried it on. I told her I had and she asked me to see it. As soon as I had it on she said let's try it out. All her clothes were off in seconds and I was commanded to warm her up by licking her below. After about a minute she told me to give it to her.

It was a really strange sensation. I had the pleasure of being on top of her and thrusting into her but couldn't feel anything. I loved seeing the smile on her face and how much she was enjoying it. I let her know I couldn't feel a thing and she seemed to enjoy that even more and think it was funny. Recently when I go inside her I come within about 2 minutes. I'm usually so excited in the build up (kissing her feet, pussy etc...) that by the time I enter I'm ready to explode. This hollow dildo allowed me to give it to her as hard and fast as I liked without the usual fear of coming too soon.

After going pretty fast for a few minutes I could feel myself getting tired. I just loved hearing her sweet moans and being this intimate with her. She got quite close to climax and then told me to get her regular vibrating dildo and start kissing her feet. Shortly afterwards she lay on her tummy and and me lick her rear while she used her own normal dildo on her pussy. I licked and licked for a long time as the vibrator was pleasuring the area right below where I was licking. Unfortunately her sweet moans ended, she climaxed and I had to stop licking. She allowed me about 10 seconds of pleasuring myself while licking her feet before I had to stay frustrated and cuddle up in bed beside her.