How to sext / text your wife / partner privately or secretively if you have kids

What do you do if you want sext / text your wife / partner privately or secretively if you have kids?

It's not as easy as you think.

If you use your phones text messages, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger its easy for kids who know your passcode to easy find and read through all your messages.

The best solution we've found so far is to use Viber secret messages.

What can you do with Viber secret messages?

You can text each other and set your phones so that the only notification that flashes up on your screen is that you've received a new Viber message.

When you go into the Viber app, you cannot see the new message, you can only see an icon that there is a new message. To read the message you need to enter the secret pin code you set up into the search bar at the top. Immediately the secret chat you have with your partner will be visible

Any other benefits to using it aside from hiding from kids?

Yes. The main benefit is that you are mentally in the appropriate frame of mind whe…

My daily mantra to her while at her feet

My wife and I thought it was important for us to have daily rituals to remind us who's in charge. I suggested saying a mantra/affirmation in the morning and night, to which she agreed.

I set my alarm to get up 5 minutes before the time she is scheduled to get up and then kneel at the end of the bed to being massaging her feet to gently wake her up. I do kiss them as well, but need to be careful not to kiss them too much or she tells me to stop kissing.

After 5 minutes she gets up and goes to the toilet. About once a week she asks me to "dry her off" after she pees. This means that as she steps up from the toilet I sit down on the floor and lick/suck the drops of pee around her vagina. There isn't much and it just takes about 2 seconds.

She then gets dressed and sits down on a bench at the end of the bed and and sit on my knees looking up at her. While we look deeply into each others eyes I then tell here;

"You are my queen and my goddess.
I love, honour and obey …

I finally take the plunge - full submission

I never realised there would be such a huge difference between "mostly committed" to our female led relationship, and "totally committed". It's been amazing.


We don't have any baby sitters, but because my Mother in Law was visiting, I suggested to my wife after we returned that we get away together for two nights while she baby sits. She agreed :)

This was just 3 days after New Years Eve when she had spanked me hard on the hotel balcony and sat back for about half an hour while I lay face down on the floor worshiping her feet.

I wanted to keep the 2-3 days fully focused on her and not get pouty if we don't have much intimacy. I let her know I felt bad about how I had been working so hard the last few months, hadn't paid proper attention but wanted to treat her like a queen for the weekend, which she was happy with.

It was a 2 hour drive to our hotel and about 1/2 an hour before we got there she decided she needed t…

Getting closer to full submission. Holiday with the kids, and mother in law

I had been working really hard and we took a holiday after Christmas with our 3 young kids and my wife's mother who was visiting for Christmas.

Thankfully we had some privacy in our hotel as we had a room for my wife and I, with a small apartment for my mother in law and our kids.

Everything was normal during the day where we did family activities and I played with the kids but at night time I focused on serving her, but I could still get moody if we didn't have as much intimacy as I'd like etc...

On New Years Eve I got moody because she was meant to come and spend time with me by the pool but spent a long time chatting with her mom in her mom's apartment at the hotel. When I went back up to the apartment with the kids and her and her mother in law I asked why she hadn't come down to spend time with us. She didn't like me asking this and the atmosphere become icy cold between us.

Later after the kids and my MIL went to sleep in the apartment, we went back to o…

What causes men to want to worship and be slave to their wife?

I've spent years trying to figure out why I feel a deep need to be a sexual slave for my wife's pleasure. I really don't know the reason and I'd be interested to read the responses of our subscribers.

I used to think it was triggered by early childhood experiences or movie scenes we saw in early childhood or adolescence etc... This could be somewhat correct, but I personally doubt it because I think deep seated issues like this are more nature than nurture.

The more I study animals/birds etc in the wild, the more I learn about how their behaviour is controlled/directed by their nature, the way they came into the world and the memories/instructions in their dna.

Slavery is older than the first human records. Slavery was part of the first human civilisations back in Mesopotamia 3500BCE and has continued through human existence for millennia.

England's Domesday book of 1086 indicated that 10 percent of the population was enslaved. Although slavery is often stigmatise…

We finally got a night away

Soon after my wife's birthday and the time we shared with me kneeling before her in the shower (I then stay on my knees to towel dry her when she gets out)  we finally got a night away together at a nice hotel 1hr drive from where we live.

She was in the mood and when I invited her to stop at a sex shop on the drive down she was happy to go in and for the first time ever got a paddle to use on me. She also picked out a very tight pair of thongs for me to wear for the night.

When we arrived at the resort we took a shower (or more accurately she took a shower with me on my knees washing her body). Towards end end of the shower she commanded me to lay on the floor of the large shower and she directed her golden goodness directly into my mouth. I feel so close to her when in such a submissive position looking up into her smiling eyes as she does it. There was some overflow and I was surprised she made me lick it off the floor of the shower, something I was never made to do before.


This blog enters it's 3rd decade!

OMG. It's now 2020 and this blog has entered its 3rd decade.

I realise I've had just 2 x posts since 2010.

Welcome to married life raising young kids.

Yes, I've been terrible at updating, but as a reader you get to see how a real life relationship plays out long term.

 So, what's been happening?

To be honest, it's been mostly a vanilla experience of working hard, raising a family and both of us being too tired for any sort of intimacy much of the time.

We've been mostly like any other average married couple and might only have intimacy every 2-3 weeks; usually starting with me massaging her feet before orally servicing her front and back and finishing up missionary. 90% of the time I've had to consume my "mess" while she drips it over me. If not finishing up missionary she played with her "toy" (vibrator) while I'm told to worship her feet. I'm allowed to pleasure myself while doing this and I have to finish into a small shot gla…