Monday, March 29, 2010

Stages of our FLR

I'll freely admit that my relationship may not be as it comes across in this blog. It's not that I ever write anything untrue here (I never have.) It's just the fact that it's usually only includes the more interesting parts.

When a movie is being produced, a lot of footage has to be shot before it is edited down to only the most exciting and relevant segments. No one wants to watch a 15hr borefest.

I've noticed that I sometimes go weeks without a single post. This can be because I'm too busy with daily life or that the FLR aspect of our relationship has sagged a little. I usually only include the juicy news.

To a certain extent it comes and goes. However there is now a level of understanding which never goes away. For years I worked on getting more wife more and more into it. We played lots of bedroom games and had lots of fun. There were a couple of pivotal moments.

- I would have discussed with her how I like to please her etc.... and enjoy her being in charge. She responded fairly positively.

- another pivotal moment was when I ordered "Around Her Finger" and read it to her over a couple of evenings in bed. We put FLR on trial and she loved it. We'd live an FLR life for a while and then life would get to busy and it would soon fall by the wayside. We spent 3-4 years in stage of on again, relaxed the FLR again.

- the biggest pivotal moment was when she joined and read about other real women in this lifestyle. It became more "normal" and acceptable. Her imagination was sparked by what other women were doing and I almost worried that I had unleashed a monster.

It made me realise that it was ME who was actually controlling much of this. When she really took control and started pro actively looking to take charge I felt a mixture of excitement and to be honest a little fear--which I was surprised to notice.

I'm now content in our FLR in that we've reached a point of no return and I don't feel like I need to convince her any more. I just need to love and take care of her.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to resolve a disagreement

Quite recently I was picking out the colours for my new car which comes with my job. I wanted a beige interior and black exterior while my wife wanted other colours. I listened to her point of view but reasoned that it's a car I use all day so I still may as well pick the colours.

One evening (when the kids were asleep) we were discussing it in the kitchen when she called me over to her as she was standing across the room. She pulled down her panties and ordered me to my knees to kiss her private area. (in a position like the attached image but she was facing me. We were both dresses as normal)

I happily dropped to my knees and buried my face into her sweet femininity. As I was licking and looking up at her she told me what colours I'd be getting. I happily complied. I reminded her that anything I would look at the colours she chose, I'd remember this moment and be happy.

My new car arrived with the colours she chose and I love it. It brings a smile to my face to remember how she made me choose it.