Monday, April 19, 2010

In response to Lady Grey

In my previous post Lady Grey asked me

"What if she had told you that you couldn't even bring up the subject of sex, and that if you did you'd be automatically denied for an even longer period? Which would be worse for you, to beg and be refused or to have to wait until she brings it up? Which way would you be more aroused?"

I can see how it would attract others, but for me personally I wouldn't actually like if she said I couldn't even bring up the subject of sex, and that if I did I'd automatically denied for an even longer period.

I guess every couple is different and every relationship is different. Different relationships operate at different intensities and this can change from time to time. We have two young babies so we're lucky to have much of a sex life at all.

To answer her second question I'd rather beg and be refused than wait until she brings it up. Begging and being refused would be a turn on in and of itself. We'd both feel her dominance when she denies me.

Having to wait until she brings it up could lead me to get very frustrated and I personally just wouldn't be turned on by it. However I can understand why others would like this.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

How I now have to ask for sex

This is something I would have fantasized about but not expected to happen...

The other night my wife told me I needed to ask for her permission if I wanted to have sex. "How should I ask?" I responded.

She told me that earlier in the day I have to go over to her, get down and kiss her feet and then say "Boss, can we please have sex tonight"
I couldn't believe what I was hearing, it was the type of situation I've always wanted and I was surprised to hear it coming from my wife like that. The next day, I displeased her (by eating too much of the chocolate she needed for cooking) and was put on a penalty of not being allowed release until after midnight on Sunday. I also have to wear and incredibly narrow thong until then.

I can't wait until after my penalty period expires and I can ask her in this new way she specified.

I love my wife and I know I'm a lucky man.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My thoughts on cuckoldry

OK. I will may lose some readers for this as I realize many of you have very firm views on this.....and that's fine with me

Life wouldn't be very interesting if we all thought the same thing about the same things!

I've never experienced or met anyone who was involved in this activity so that already limits my expertise on the subject. However, I have read quite a few blogs and message boards which discuss it. From what I read, there are people who engage in this successfully and it works well for them (in this case I'd define successful as being they view it as an overall positive experience and if they could turn back the hands of time they'd do it again). I have absolutely no problem with this and am happy that they have found something which enriches their lives. I'm all for choice and diversity etc..

In my own personal opinion, I wouldn't like it. While I still viewed myself as being vanilla, I never liked the idea of swinging as I always thought it too dangerous to a relationship to start getting physically involved with others. Obviously lots of people see no problem with this.

I've noticed that many of the blogs and message board postings discussing the activity refer to "gut wrenching" emotions and often pain accompanied by the deepest possible subspace at other times. It appears that in many cases it seems the amount of emotional energy they put into it can take over their lives leading to an unhealthy balance.

I've also read several accounts of where men fantisized about it, enjoyed parts of it when it happened but then later regretted it when their wife started to emotionally bond with the 3rd party and pay less attention to them.

Men and women are different. For men, sex can be another fun activity like playing football and many can easily engage it it with a stranger and have zero emotional involvement. As a broad generalization (to which there are many exceptions, including people reading this) women tend to get more emotionally involved when having sex. If they start having sex with someone over a period of time they're more likely to start bonding with them in some way. This increases the chances of the cuck being somewhat neglected as his wife spends more time with the bull and enjoys new found libido.

I do believe that this has and does work for certain people, but I never could see it working for me personally and my beautiful wife.