Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Device: So far not so good

My new birdlocked device arrived a few days ago. Despite many attempts I can't put it on!

I don't want to get into too much detail....
but I hang quite close to my body and simlpy cannot stretch my
scrotum far enough to get to the second photograph on this link


I've tried at several times of the day both before and after ejaculation. I'm not sure what to do about it as I've never come across anyone mentioning it.

Has anyone any experience of this problem?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Just Ordered My First Device

I never felt comfortable even looking at a cb3k or cb6k and couldn't bring myself to getting one. I always thought there must be a better way, something softer than plastic but stronger than rubber.

A brand new silicone device has just been launched which I ordered immediately. http://www.tickleberry.co.uk/p/male-chastity/birdlock-silicone-chastity-device/chs053.html

Someone made the following post to the she-makes-the-rules.com forum which seems to explain it in a lot more detail:

With respect to the bar at the bottom of the device, the video makes it fairly clear that it fits into the indented or grooved area of the ring part, through which one inserts the penis and testicles. The locking band is then slipped through a slot in the free part of the bar that fits in the groove. The locking band is wrapped around the grooved area. The locking band has a stud at one end and a hole at the other end, which fits over the stud. The stud has a hole in it for the lock.

All that to say that the flexible bar is used to lock the penis into the device. Without that locking bar, one could very easily twist the flexible cage and extract the penis. The bar also seems to pull the cage slightly down, which would tend to shorten the distance between the open area of the cage that doesn't connect to the ring. The smaller that gap, the more difficult it will be to extract the penis. Also, if you go to the User Guide/Forum page at the Birdlocked website, it will become very obvious to you that there is a "missing photo" or two between photos 4 and 5. But, if you recall how the strap was connected in the video, you will realize that the bar as the base of the device has to be pulled down and over the testicles, thereby separating the testicles from one another, before the free end can "reach" the grooved area. So, in essence, that bar separates the testicles and closes the gap. The more I think about it, the more I realize that bar will make is very difficult to extract the penis from the cage. This "fact" is not really clear from anything on Birdlocked's website, as not even the photos in the Photo Gallery reveal this pernicious aspect of the device! But, the Tickleberry website indicates that for the last installation step, "Draw the lower linkage bar down and between your balls and padlock the restraining transparent cock strap around the cock ring." That is truly evil.

As to its size, for those "less endowed", they will make one 2 cm shorter, if you request it, though they say that it's not for sale on the website and it may not be necessary. Compared to the CB 2000, the inside diameter of the Birdlocked is smaller than the CB 2000: 1.36" to 1.5" (and smaller than that of a CB 3000 or 6000 at 1.38". The length of the Birdlocked cage is 2.53", whereas the length of the CB 2000 cage is 2.5" (CB 3000 is 3.0" and CB 6000 is 3.25". The overall length of the Birdlocked is 3.7", but there is no information regarding the overall length of the CB 2000 or other CB products. It's not that easy to measure these devices, but the CB 3000 website says the cage portion is 3.0". I measured mine and once I found where they'd measured to get that 3.0" length, I measured the overall length of the CB 3000 and it was about 4". From all that, I gather that the Birdlocked may be a great combination of the narrowness of the CB 3000 and the shorter cage length of the CB 2000. If they made one with a cage that was 2 cm shorter, it removes a couple of the air holes, and makes the cage length 1.77" long, nearly 3/4" or an inch shorter. My conclusion for those less endowed is that it will work well, and the shorter test product could be downright evil. I think of my own "varying" lengths while flaccid and experience with the CB 3000. There are times that my flaccid penis completely fills the cage and others where it retracts and maybe fills no more than half of the cage. So, I know that under certain circumstances I could probably fit into something as small as a 1.77" Birdlocked, but that would leave no room for the changes in size I experience throughout the day.

As to cleanliness, that is my primary concern. Tickleberry makes it very clear that it clings to ones skin, as previously noted, "the silicone Birdlock back ring grips your skin very well," so you have to lubricate under the ring in order to put ones penis and testicles through the ring, and must lubricate the cage in order to insure smooth insertion of the penis into it. But, medical grade silicone stays cleaner and is easier to clean than typical silicone. With the band on, it should still be possible to clean under the ring and inside the cage, not unlike a CB 3000 or 6000, but clearly not as easy to clean as a CB 2000. My guess is re-lubing will be a necessity after bathing, though I would also guess that an attempt at an erection in the Birdlocked will be less painful than one in a CB 2000, 3000 or 6000!

As to the ability to stimulate oneself, dollars to doughnuts tells me that there will be some sensation through the silicone, but there will be no real, direct contact of the penis. However, as noted, since it is possible to orgasm and ejaculate with a CB 3000 or Exobelt X1, I think it will be possible to do so with the Birdlocked. So, it won't be perfect. When alone it is a matter or self-control. When with SWMBO, the gentleman in you should cause you to advise her that you are near the edge and must back off, unless she wants you to come.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Almost vanilla

Sometimes we almost lead a vanilla life. It's not all intense femdom. With young kids, lack of sleep and too much work we can both end up drained. Thankfully she's still remembering to ask for her nightly foot rub in bed after which I'm allowed a little kiss.