Thursday, February 11, 2010


One thing I've alwasy wanted my wife to do was sit on my face. I never really mentioned it a whole lot or pressured her to do it as I try as much as I can to avoid topping from the bottom. A few nights ago I was in bed first when came into the bedroom took off her cloths and came around my side of the bed. She climbed up on my face and started to pleasure myself. OMG! I was in heaven. She couldn't believe how much I was enjoying it. I loved looking up at her as she moved around on me. She enjoyed this for some time before having me fetch her toy and lick her feet while she brought herself to climax. I had to come in a cup and drink it.


Last week when my wife was getting dressed one morning she noticed that her armpit had quite a strong odour.

She called me over and had me stick my nose in it. She got a huge kick out of it.