Tuesday, December 8, 2009

thanks giving for the new normal

Although we usually pine for more more more, sometimes you've got to be thankful of what you have in life and in your relationship.

I've realised this recently be noticing the new normal and how comfortable my wife now is being in charge. Readers of some duration to this blog will observe that 6 months ago I wasn't posting and our wife led marriage was stuck in a lull. I didn't know if my wife was every really going to embrace it. I was often trying to think about what could get her more interested but she seemed to be overwhelmed by everyday life.

Now she has fully taken charge and really enjoys it.

This morning she told me to follow her to the toilet for my golden goodness. I took me place on my knees before her. She used to hold the glass as she sat on the toiled but she recently decided that I should hold it. I love the anticipation of getting down on my needs before her and watching her beautiful pussy become visible before me. I love to hold the glass as her watery goodness comes gushing down to quickly fill my glass. There were times where I drank it quickly to show how I had no hesitation doing it. This morning I took a mouthful and showed my appreciation by savouring it for a moment before finishing the glass. As I drink it she smiles down at me with wonder and amusement. She really enjoys it. I smile back lovingly into her eyes. I feel very connected and close to her.

For the first time she required that I was the one who had to dry her with toilet paper. She just sat back on the toilet as I used the tissue to dry her off.

She then stood in front of my pelvis thrust forward for a final "lick off" where I suck any last few drops directly from her.

I loved when she finished off by telling me to pull up her pants. I was in heaven.

I must point out that I never thought we'd be into this. It's just something she really enjoys (surprisingly) and from that I love it too.

a little accident

I had a little accident.

Normally when I use her hollow dildo I can't feel a thing and don't get any stimulation at all. However the other night I got so turned on before she had me strap it on that I struggled to fit into it. There was more internal friction than normal and I exploded soon after entering her with it. She told me she was very disappointed with me and penalised me to a full week without climax.