Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not ready for a device

I saw the CB-3000 Curve in a shop last week and almost bought it. However it looked so uncomfortable I couldn't imagine myself wearing it underneath my suit all day. From reading online reviews, many users claim that it's uncomfortable and can be painful. Has anyone here any experience with it?


  1. The CB 6000 is worth the extra bucks and after you get used to lubing and cleaning it can stay on for extended periods.


  2. In my experience, it’s not that difficult. Sure you have to do some fitting, getting the right ring size and spacers. To avoid chafing, start by wearing it for shorter periods and with the larger rings, gradually extending the time it’s on and reducing ring size. Leigh is right, lube is essential! It may take some months before you find the right fit, but as I can now wear my CB2000 for two months without getting out at all I can assure you it’s rarely uncomfortable and never painful. So go ahead, buy it and try it! What model you should choose depends on your endowment. If you want some more advice, please mail me at ritemate@hotmail.com .
    Good luck!