Thursday, October 22, 2009

Unexpected behaviour from my wife

When my wife first got the idea of having me drink her pee I thought it would be something we'd try once or twice and then get bored of it. What surprised me is how much she seems to be enjoying it. There are two ways she has me do it.

She told me to leave a glass in the bathroom for her to use. Every other day she calls me into the toilet right after she has emptied herself. She points to a full glass on this sink which I take in my hand and drop to my knees before her, as she remains on the toilet. Looking into her eyes I drink every last drop as she sits there smiling/grinning at me. I did NOT expect her to like it this much. The thrill for me is that she enjoys it so much. It is a real turn on.

Sometimes she slides open the shower door and tells me to get on my knees (both of us naked). I then have to cup it in my hands and drink it up. To make sure I drink it all she'll hold back the stream in between my handfuls. She has pee'd directly into my mouth but she prefers me to cup it in my hand and drink from my cupped hands. It's easier for her to see.

Will we get bored of this? Will it go on for decades? I've no idea. All I know is that we've both been doing it and enjoying it a lot more than I expected us to.


  1. it seems every wife is different in her wants. It seems like every sub-husband is the same in enjoying following.


  2. Yes it just shows all wives and husbands are different. I thought my wife would be grossed out at the idea of having me drink it but I sure was surprised to see who much she enjoyed having me do it. It wasn't anything she ever mentioned until she read a post about it on

  3. I am following your pee-drinking experience with particular interest as in the past I lived through something similar with a woman I was very much in love with. During our foreplays this lady friend slowly discovered my willingness and later-on my eagerness to submit to her whims which, apparently, also turned her on and which included imbibing her personal drink. With great tenderness she convinced me to accept this sweet humiliation. It was a gradual process in which she familiarized me first of all with her taste, making me lick her wet nether lips immediately after a "normal" pee. She praised me when I first started to drink a small glass of her warm liquid, telling me how happy she felt that I was enjoying her in this way. Gradually I started to crave after her personal drink and sometimes implored her to taste her intimate nectar. She made me drink in very similar ways in which your wife quenches your thirst, but my Princess preferred to make me drink directly at her feminine source. It is a matter of co-operation between a Lady and her servant and if they do it right and in the correct position, and if the sub has acquired a good knowledge of her intimate anatomy, she can feed him without spilling her precious gift. We both thought the intimate bond which formed between us in this way was simply indescribable.

    As far as your final considerations are concerned, I think that everything depends on the enthusiasm of you both for the pee variations. I think it is a wonderful surprise that your wife is fond of it and I feel certain that you, too, will learn to share her feelings. Perhaps it would be a good idea if you would both agree on spacing the timing somewhat differently. Your wife now offers you the privilege of her drink every other day and you might run the risk that sooner of later you could start condering it a routine, whereas I think it should be a highlight in your relationship. Perhaps a rhythm of once or twice a week should keep you both desirous to go on for many years to come. I don't see any health problems, for urine is sterile when it is expelled and when it is given by a young healthy woman, there is nothing to worry about.

    I compliment you on having such a wonderful and loving wife and I think you are a very lucky fellow.

    Semper Fidelis

  4. god what a lucky hubby you are! i have tried to get my wife to pee on me for years! i sooo want to drink her pee, but she is not into it at all...sigh

  5. i am in awe of adores his wife and anonymous as they are very lucky in getting to drink their WIFES Pee. i have trying to convince my WIFE for the same but SHE doesnt seem interested at all. its a shame.