Saturday, October 10, 2009

Big News - part 2

As I continued the nightly and morning footrubs I paid better and better attention to taking care of her. A big turning point for me was reading a post by a lady (byrdie) on the website where she said something along the lines of: make a list of all the things that cause any type of stress or discomfort to your wife. Ignore the ones that are outside of your control (weather?) and then make taking care of the others your priority list. This I did. My wife noticed that as I was giving her the morning and nightly foot rubs (and kisses), and reminding her she's the boss that my attitude and behaviour improved dramatically. I genuinely started paying better attention to her in all things and doing everything I could to help. We both noticed we felt much happier and closer to each other.

Eventually I decided she was happy enough with how things were going to introduce the website to her. A few years ago I made the mistake of asking her to read the Elise Sutton website which she told me she disliked and which put her off FLR.

So one day I emailed her links to about 4 posts I thought she'd relate to on the SMTR website and said that I thought it could help both of us if she had a few mins to browse through it. Her initial email back to me was five word response like

"you need a log on."

I thought she just wasn't that bothered and that although very important to me, it didnt' seem important to her. The next day I went on her computer and set up a profile for her and emailed her the logon details.

That evening she logged on while I was sitting across the kitchen table from her. She was enjoying it and I could see her face lighting up. I could see a twinkle in her eye and she told me she wanted to get verified to get into the "real womens" area. I couldn't believe that she was interested enough in the website to want to do this. I was in heaven. Well actually I have been since then.

She spent quite a long time reading different posts and said that some of them gave her good ideas. She immediatly became more comfortable and confident in her dominance. Since then the FLR aspect of our marriage is now fully acknowledged between us and she's much more playful with me. She can see that I'm making an effort to be as helpful to her as possible and she knows that she needs to give this some sort of acknowledgement every day.

For example one night while finshing up her foot rub she starting sticking her toes into my mouth (her way of telling me to suck them). She than sat up on the bed with a smile and told me I could have a few strokes of masturbation while she watched me sucking her toes. She only gave me a 5-10 seconds but it was wonderful. I then had to go to bed.

The next night she was staying up a little later on the computer as I had to go to bed earlier to get up in time for work the next day. As she sat at her computer I went over and knelt beside her to hug and kiss her good night. She took her foot out of her sandal and started pushing it all over my face for me to kiss it--while smiling down at me. It was a delicious moment we both enjoyed.

She got an email from the moderators at SMTR settting up a real woman verificaiton video call. My wife phoned back the SMTR moderator from skype on speakerphone while my mother in law was in the room--I was shocked and scrambled to give her a more private line to make the call and get my mother in law out of the room. 10 minutes later I started liking the idea of her being so comfortable with FLR that she didn't mind her mother in law hearing and I wanted her to go back in the room. She did go back but the call was ending and she wouldn't have known who it was, nor did she ask.

In anycase I was delighted that my wife was now seeing SMTR as matter of fact. For the first time in our marriage I felt we had a FLR that was going to remain.

We both started reading SMTR in the evenigns and discussing some posts. For example she commented that the watersports post was interesting and liked the stories of ladies who popped out to the restroom to fill a coffee cup up with their urine and had their husbands drink it in coffee shop. When she told me that it sunk in how much she was really taking to FLR. That night she used me for her pleasure before sending me to sleep without release. I was so excited about this change (and knowing that she was one day going share watersports) that I couldn't sleep. At 3am I had no choice to relieve myself or I'm pretty sure I would have gotten to 7am witout a wink of sleep.

When she woke to go to the restroom in the morning I asked her if she needed help, drying herself off afterwards, and allowing me a few drops. She said yes. I was soo excited. She sat on the toilet and I knelt before her but then she stopped and told me to get in the shower and on my knees. I was like a kid before Christmas. She got in and told me to cup my hands below her vagina and then drink it.

I didn't know what this was going to be like. My own urine doesn't always smell that good and I thought it was going to be an uncomfortable, but pleasureable experience.

As her warm yellow goodness filled my cupped hands I bowed down my head to lick it up. Astonishinly it tasted very neutral and was nice and warm. I LOVED IT. While on my knees, I looked up to tell her how much I enjoyed it. The pee kept coming and I kept drinking it as quickly as I could, afriad to spill a drop. I then pushed my face right into her pussy to lick it from the soure. She giggled and the pee stopped. She told me that it make her ticklish and she couldn't pee out the rest. I stood up, looked at her with my big wide happy smiling eyes and told her how much I loved her and how much I enjoyed it. I must have said "that was sooo good" about 7 times. She had a big wide smile and said she was loving it too. She said she still couldn't believe I was doing it. Then she said there was more pee coming and I needed to cup my hands again to drink it up. I dropped to my knees and was careful not to lose any of it. After I finished drinking, she looked me in the eye and told me with a smile that I was never getting a bj again--ever. I said will I be able to give you oral? "Oh yeah, lots."
Will you give me more golden showers? "I sure will"
I told her I was very happy.

I drank a lot of her golden goodness that morning. We were both on a high.

At work I couldn't stop thinking about it and how exciting it was. It took over my thoughts so much that I had to relieve myself mid morning to try and stop thinking about anything sexual.
I sent her a text message to tell her how sexy she was and how much I enjoyed that morning. She said it was great for her too!

That was about 3-4 days ago. Last night I was in bed when she told me to join her in the shower for my golden shower. I jumped straight in, got on my knees and started to cup and consume everything she had to give me. Unfortunately there wasn't that much and it was over quite quickly.

This morning I (reluctantly) asked if I could drink from her again. She was in a bit of a hurry and told me I'd have to get a jug. I knelt before her while she sat on the toilet with a large jug beneath her. She filled the jug--all 16oz!
She sat and watch as I drank every last drop while kneeling before her. To be honest this was a little strange for her and I think she enjoyed the shower more. 16oz is a lot to drink and I had it down in about 30 seconds. I thanked her and reminded her how much I love her.

This evening she asked me if I now expected to drink from her every morning. I said I don't want to expect anything but only whatever you're comfortable with. You're the boss and you do what you're happy with.

We had a lot of friends over and when all was done I said to her in front of one of her friends, you take a rest and I'll do all the cleaning up. She later came back to me told her I did well today and thrust into me (her way of saying there's a good chance of intimacy tonight).

That brings us up to date. We feel closer than ever to each other and are both very happy.


  1. sounds like you two have a wonderful WLM out in the open. Her choice how things go now. I bet it is a big relief for you to have it overt now. For me that was a great change.

  2. Great blog! i really enjoy following it. Please feel free to check out mine...i believe we have quite a bit in common.

    - m at

  3. wow, going from nothing to drinking her golden showers is a lep worth of jumping the Grand Canyon. I have only had one girl pee on me and it was very erotic

  4. I love drinking her champagne. It is such a turn on every time...
    I am happy that others enjoy it as much as we do

  5. Such an enjoyment!! So this is how She learned about golden showers! :)
    I have to go to that website, if your Wife enjoyed it.. maybe that will work here?

    Thanks, again!!