Saturday, October 17, 2009

Does the husband need acknowledgement or should he submit 100%

Below is a comment I left for whatevershesays on his post "Interesting Comments"
I thought it was worth posting here:


Dear whatevershesays,

I agree fully with you. I'm not convinced that the first comment is not just fantasy material. However, even if it is 100% true, and works well for the lady (you don't usually see ladies write like that), it doesn't mean it works well for your and anybody else.

Your point about some sort acknowledgement from your wife is valid in my opinion. Although there may be husbands happy with no acknowledgement I haven't come across believable examples.

A relationship is a two way thing. If I don't get any acknowledgement I get less joy from my submission. Yes you can argue that it isn't pure submission if you "require" something from your wife, but hey, that's just how I've noticed things work with me. Maybe I'll change and be happy without her acknowledging her dominance but I seriously doubt it.

Wife led marriage is a very very beneficial set up for the wife. (I sometimes fantasise to myself that I'm my wife and can order me about at whim, or look down to see me worshipping my feet) In my opinion if something is very important to the husband, his wife should at least make an effort to learn a little more about it. Her relationship with her husband determines more than most other things in life her state of mind and happiness. If her husband has a deep underlying frustration it would probably affect the relationship. If the husband is getting his (minimal) minimal needs met he is likely to be happier and therefore in a better mood which rubs off on his wife. I don't personally subscribe to the notion that that the husband wants means nothing.

I'd struggle to go more than a week without any playful acknowledgement from my wife about her being the dominant partner. Just yesterday she left a glass of pee for me to drink when she finished in the toilet in the morning. Before I left for work I asked her if her feet needed kissing. Standing up, she took her right foot from her sandal and held it forward. I dropped to my knees and kissed it for about 10 seconds. I went off to work happy and satisfied.

That's just my feeling on it and I'm sure others may see it differently.


  1. my acknowledgements come often is subtle ways. A pleased look after I had completed some chore. A pinch on the ass. A blissful sigh when I am giving a massage.

  2. YSH - I just wanted to say how much I agree with your comments to WSS. No matter how submissive, how subservient you feel towards your wife, it is nothing without acknowledgment. There has to be some accptance, some form of acknowledegment otherwise you feel that what you are doing is for nothing, or worse despised.

  3. This is a real can of worms for me. "I want" more ack than I get, but I feel that's topping from the bottom, and She should do only what She wants to do - but I still feel that I want the ack....