Monday, October 5, 2009

Does the honor system work?

My birdlocked device won't fit on and I'm reluctant to buy another device so I've been working on the honor system. The obvious risk is that I can't hold myself back, I end up relieving myself and then take my attention off my wife.

Recently it's been working pretty well. On only one occasion I was so on edge for 4 days with constant stimulation that I was feeling quite a bit of pain/discomfort in my testes. I'd be walking around at work and able to feel the pain. This was distracting and as I have a job with a lot of responsibility and people reporting to me I didn't want to start being distracted too much during my work day. I relieved myself but promised myself beforehand that I wouldn't slack off when I got home.

Later that evening I did notice I wasn't jumping to help as quickly but did make a conscious effort to be helpful.
So far I'm happy with the honor system. Maybe one day my wife will want to introduce a device and if so I'm sure I'll be more than happy with that too.

Does honor work well for anyone else?


  1. Yes. I'm on the honor system and only very rarely slip up. She doesn't like the idea of a chastity device. Something about ending up in the emergency room.

  2. For me the honor system is a better for psychological reasons. Every time I get an erection and know I do not have permission, my obedience is strengthened and her authority is reinforced. She gets this benefit w/o doing anything.

    Anyway, that is just how it works for me. IMHO, you should let your wife know your thoughts. Perhaps she would be okay with your telling her about honor system slips.

  3. Honour system here too. I like the responsibility. It's about submission, not dominance.
    That said, I slipped this morning while edging. So confession time is a comin'.

  4. New FLR here, and I'm loving the honor system. Denied 5 days so far (I know, not much...but a long time for me)...and I can honestly say, I really enjoy the pent up energy for her, and have no desire to cheat.