Monday, April 19, 2010

In response to Lady Grey

In my previous post Lady Grey asked me

"What if she had told you that you couldn't even bring up the subject of sex, and that if you did you'd be automatically denied for an even longer period? Which would be worse for you, to beg and be refused or to have to wait until she brings it up? Which way would you be more aroused?"

I can see how it would attract others, but for me personally I wouldn't actually like if she said I couldn't even bring up the subject of sex, and that if I did I'd automatically denied for an even longer period.

I guess every couple is different and every relationship is different. Different relationships operate at different intensities and this can change from time to time. We have two young babies so we're lucky to have much of a sex life at all.

To answer her second question I'd rather beg and be refused than wait until she brings it up. Begging and being refused would be a turn on in and of itself. We'd both feel her dominance when she denies me.

Having to wait until she brings it up could lead me to get very frustrated and I personally just wouldn't be turned on by it. However I can understand why others would like this.


  1. I agree with you here -- having to wait until she brings it up can feel a lot like being forgotten and not like being denied. If you can't even bring up sex and she's got other things on her mind than sex then there's a big disconnect that can potentially come in between you. For my wife and I, that sort of arrangement would definitely not work -- if she doesn't know how badly I want her it's hard for her to get in the mood!

  2. Hi young sub hubby:
    On the subject of sex: i will beg for it daily but usually may have it on the weekend and only the way Rachel decides. If i am unhappy Rachel will give me extra chores to do and then maybe some loving with a radiant caboose. She likes me to beg as it makes her feel loved and desired.

  3. My experience is that females are better / superior in fucking than males Harsh

  4. We haven't seen a post of your's for some time now - we miss you! Hope all is well in your world.

    ~Mistress Lovely Legs & Mimi.

  5. Lady Grey I kiss your feet. I usually dream to lick your boots.
    While sleeping i many times feel your weight on top of me penetrating deep inside me for long time and I reach climaxes. I wish you to fuck me all life Yours su harsh

  6. Dear Mistress Lovely Legs,

    Thanks for your comments, they mean a lot.

    Sometimes I wonder if my blog is of any benefit to anybody else and I'm glad you seem to have enjoyed it.

  7. AdoresHisWife:

    I often have the same thought about our blog. However, let me say that I found yours - as well as a few others - SO helpful at the start of our journey that it inspired me to write. I was hoping to help others as well :) We're so happy you're back and we look forward to sharing our adventures with you!

    ~Mistress & mimi

  8. Mistress I am a bottom submissive boy and wish you to be on my top ever and fuck me all life Yours slave Harsh

  9. This exact scenario has just happened for me! Mistress Laura has told me that she decides when I come (about once a week) and if I whine about it, the date gets moved another week. The thing is... I guess I like it, even when I hate it. :-) Keep on having fun!