Saturday, April 10, 2010

How I now have to ask for sex

This is something I would have fantasized about but not expected to happen...

The other night my wife told me I needed to ask for her permission if I wanted to have sex. "How should I ask?" I responded.

She told me that earlier in the day I have to go over to her, get down and kiss her feet and then say "Boss, can we please have sex tonight"
I couldn't believe what I was hearing, it was the type of situation I've always wanted and I was surprised to hear it coming from my wife like that. The next day, I displeased her (by eating too much of the chocolate she needed for cooking) and was put on a penalty of not being allowed release until after midnight on Sunday. I also have to wear and incredibly narrow thong until then.

I can't wait until after my penalty period expires and I can ask her in this new way she specified.

I love my wife and I know I'm a lucky man.


  1. you are a lucky man! What a great idea that your Wife came up with... might have to borrow it Myself.



  2. Adores:
    You know the feelings and it gets better when you show appreciation to your wonderful wife.

  3. Just think of it as penance for all the billions of women forced to have sex and not one of them being asked.

    Maybe the next thing you will have to do is swallow your semen as penance for the billions of women who would rather not have.

  4. What if she had told you that you couldn't even bring up the subject of sex, and that if you did you'd be automatically denied for an even longer period? Which would be worse for you, to beg and be refused or to have to wait until she brings it up? Which way would you be more aroused?

  5. it sounds wonderful

  6. This is hot... maybe will happen here, soon! On the path... :)