Friday, September 25, 2009

Too Submissive??

At All Times ( in response to a previous posting discussed the issue of being too submissive, which I think is an important issue.

Let's face it. A husband's fantasy seems to be often far removed from what our wives actually want. My wife is happy with my submissiveness and knows it helps both of us to be happier. But she also needs me to be a strong, intelligent partner who can think for myself.

There are moments where I am overcome with submissive feelings and want to drop to my knees and kiss her feet (outside the bedroom). Do I do it? No. There's only a certain amount she can handle.

To prevent myself from being too submissive I'll often allow myself release (if I'm pretty sure that she's not going to have a chance to be pleasured in the next few days due to workload).

It works but the obvious drawback is that I'm not attentive enough afterwards and slip back into my old bad habits. I may suggest a chastity device when I think she's ready.

OK. Gotta go and clean the kitchen before she comes home.


  1. For me, it takes a conscious effort to remain outwardly normal, even though inside I am cowering to be outwardly submissive. My wife has asked this of me, so therefore, it is a form of my service to her....

    kinda twisted, but that is how it is for me. ;-}

  2. in my situation, I have to be strong, intelligent and autonomous to keep her respect. When I am independent, she appreciates how difficult it becomes for me to submit to her. She sees it as more of a challenge to get me to change my attitude and submit to her. We both like the pursuit.