Thursday, September 10, 2009

real life

I realize I haven't been blogging here for quite some time. The reason is that my wife and I have had very little LFA in our lives over the last few months. Not a conscious decision, just the way things went when daily live gets too overwhelming and we both get too busy tired.

When I wanted to introduce my wife to LFA a few years ago the thought of it used to take over my mind, now that we can have it when we want to, it sometimes gets forgotten about. When I come home late from work very tired (and admittedly occasionally grumpy) she doesn't ask for foot rubs or other activities like this which enforce the dynamic. I'm often too tired to be even motivated for it. So really it's my own fault for not making a greater effort ot have energy when I get home and be able to pay more attention to her.

Look....this isn't as sexy a blog post as some of the previous ones I've written......but it's real life and I think it's important to keep blogs like this real. Sometimes I think the odd blogger likes to only include the highlights of their life. Some of us might compare our relationship to that and think we need to do a lot of work to improve our own relationship to this blissful, 100% happy femdom marriage. I'm just saying it as it is.

One thing I notice is that when we pay more attention to LFA, we are more caring to each other. There is no doubt about it that we're both happier when living with LFA in our daily lives. Thankfully I'm blessed with a wonderful wife that loves to be in charge.

I just need to get up off my behind and stop being so lazy when at home.

That's all folks. As always I'm interested to read any comments you may have.

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  1. Hi

    Glad to hear that you are back blogging again.

    I think the problem you face is one that many submissive men experience in developing wife led relationships, where certain life issues get in the way. What you may also be experiencing is a lack of real desire or commitment from your wife to want to fully embrace this lifestyle. You say "she doesn't ask for foot rubs or other activities like this which enforce the dynamic", so does that mean she isn't really into this lifestyle, but then go on to say, "it's my own fault for not making a greater effort or have energy when I get home and be able to pay more attention to her.". The question is, who is motivating who, and therefore, are you truly in a wife led marriage. Technically, if it is a wife led marriage, then she should be leading, demanding and expecting your attention and commitment, and you should be submitting and fulfilling her needs and desires.

    I think like many other wives, maybe yours needs some help or motivation to fully grow into in this lifestyle, or what's probably more true, is that a complete "lifestyle change" takes a very long time for most couples to achieve, and certainly won’t happen over a few months, that is unless the wife really wants it, researches it, and then demands it.

    We all talk about a wife led marriage, a lifestyle change, most originate from some form of D/S bedroom type activity, but very few seem to truly transcend satisfactorily into everyday life. I am now beginning to realise that for many couples, this is an impossible dream. Of course, everyone is different, and what makes a wife led marriage for one couple, will be different for another, but it seems to me at least, that most wives will only really playing along with their husbands, and that deep down would much prefer a vanilla relationship.

    I will apologise if I am sounding a bit cynical at the moment, as I have issues of my own that appear to be a stifling the development of my own WLM. I am sure that in your case things will improve for you both, trying to establish a wife led marriage with grown up children is hard enough, with a younger family must be even more difficult, as they demand even more of your time and energy.

    Good Luck