Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to resolve a disagreement

Quite recently I was picking out the colours for my new car which comes with my job. I wanted a beige interior and black exterior while my wife wanted other colours. I listened to her point of view but reasoned that it's a car I use all day so I still may as well pick the colours.

One evening (when the kids were asleep) we were discussing it in the kitchen when she called me over to her as she was standing across the room. She pulled down her panties and ordered me to my knees to kiss her private area. (in a position like the attached image but she was facing me. We were both dresses as normal)

I happily dropped to my knees and buried my face into her sweet femininity. As I was licking and looking up at her she told me what colours I'd be getting. I happily complied. I reminded her that anything I would look at the colours she chose, I'd remember this moment and be happy.

My new car arrived with the colours she chose and I love it. It brings a smile to my face to remember how she made me choose it.


  1. That's what I call Female Led Marriage!

  2. An excellent method of choosing colors for your car.

    Your wife is obviously smarter and more intelligent than the average shouting or whining female who has no idea of how to make her man do the right thing.

  3. I can't say every disagreement is solved like this, but I did enjoy the one that was :)

  4. This is excellent! :)
    My Wife wanted a certain car at car rental place. She just got it, even though it cost us $400 extra! Tough! I'd have rather resolved it Your Wife's Way! :)

  5. Stay married, bro.
    Never leave her.
    And one day...
    you'll ascend into
    for your faithFULLness.

    I wont judge you...
    I dont know you...
    yet, here's our proposal:

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    Im sooo not better than you
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    Sorry fo d'New Yoirk accent.
    Again, find-out what RCIA means.
    Make Your Choice  -SAW

    PS 'Saving souls from Hell
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    Turn-away from idolatry/indifference
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    Strange how many people
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    Que cera cera.

  6. Exactly what Almighty God wants:
    if you choose to BE married,
    God'll blessa botha youse beyond
    your wildest dreams...
    till your demise which could
    come at anytime.

    Exactly Y i strongly urge
    you to make this last post
    a top priorty in your wee, wee lives.

    God bless your indelible souls.