Sunday, July 25, 2010

A taste of new fun

I know I've been away for a while.

Fear not, all is well.
I've just been so busy that I haven't had time to post much. As has always been the case, my lovely wife and I go through periods of higher and lower intensity in terms of our FLR, which is fine.

I work very hard and am often quite tired when I get home late.

We still enjoy the same fun and occasionally progress to new things. Quite recently she's enjoyed serving me a cream pie from her rear. She quite likes rear entry and loves to have me pleasure me in this way.

Right after I climax she'll have me lie back on the bed and sit on my face (facing my legs) and tell me to suck every last drop out. I really do love it. It doesn't even feel dirty anymore as it's now quite normal that I have to consume every time.

Quite recently we stayed for a week in a hotel room with a very large shower. She took full advantage of this to have me lie down in it and direct her golden goodness sraight into my mouth. Sometimes some got me nose and we both started laughing. We really enjoy it.

From reading my blog you might think we're this full on FLR couple. We're not. Most of the time we've vanilla and no one would ever know. We could go a week without anything sexual or unconventional, but when we have fun we enjoy it.

I help her as much as I can during the week and attend to sanding her feet and polishing her toenails as she requires.
She likes me at her feet. And I love being at her feet.


  1. How did you bring yourself to clean her. Serious question. I can eat a bug without a second thought. That proposition I cannot get past.

  2. While the sexual and sensual aspects of this practice are intriguing, I have my reservations about actually practicing it. One can contact serious medical problems as a result. The cotents of the alimentary canal are not meant to be consumed for a good reason.

    I know, when in the throes of pleasure, one does not analyze that much. But afterward, one may reflect on it and see the danger.

  3. Very nice. I hope things continue.

  4. There are some health risks, but they are extremely minimized if you are monogamous, and are in good health.

  5. How fruitfully awwwsome.
    Meet me Upstairs someday.
    Let's getta Big-Ol beer.
    Gotta lotta tok bout.