Thursday, November 26, 2009

quick update

My wife and I have both been down with illness the last few weeks.
I've also be working harder and longer hours than ever. (if only the girls in the office new their serious business like manager is sitting at his desk in his formal suit with a nice pair of lace panties underneath!)

Sometimes I wonder about things like that. My wife and I don't consider ourselves too unusual. I wonder how many people I know who may secretly have unusual fetishes that most people would never ever guess.

Despite my wife being sick and having a period she has wanted sex a couple of times the last few weeks, much to my pleasant surprise.

She has also had me file and polish her toenails.

As soon as she stops taking any medication and gets back to a normal, healthy diet I'm sure I'll have to taste some more of her "golden goodness"
I love my wife.


  1. Im glad that you both are feeling better .I hope you both have a great Thanksgiving
    Sincerly BOB

  2. If she drinks lots of green tea and eats lots of oranges, those antioxidants will help her feel better and get well faster and you will be back on the gold goddess diet sooner than you think.:-)

    Get well soon, and stay happy! Toodles,BCR

  3. If by "golden goodness" you mean what I think it is, yes, it would be wonderful. My wife treats me to it on rare occassions, and I love it.