Friday, May 22, 2009

Our Anniversary

It was our anniversary recently and I hadn't prepared a single thing, I had been overwhelmed with work and coming home very tired.

With our two babies we hardly had a moment to be intimate over the last few weeks and we needed some time to ourselves. During the day of our anniversary I figured I better take her out for dinner and eventually decided on a restaurant in the best hotel in the area.

Since we hadn't been intimate in a while I was eager to get some time alone with her. I booked a room at the hotel that we'd be passing as we left the restaurant. Before I came home to bring her out I went to the hotel, checked in and collected my key.

I couldn't wait to get her up there. All through dinner I was 1/2 nervous, 1/2 excited and couldn't stop thinking about what we were going to do afterwards. I was careful not to order to much food and hoped she wouldn't eat too much so we wouldn't feel full and bloated afterwards.

Thankfully dinner didn't take too long and we left the restaurant to return to our car. As we walked by the hotel rooms she was surprised to see me reaching into my pocked and opening the door of a nice hotel room.

She was kind of shocked and very very pleasantly surprised. Her face lit up and she kept telling me how impressed she was with my surprise for her.

After a little kissing while standing up, I knelt down to start removing her shoes and dress. I then removed all her clothes and knelt before her. She then climbed up onto the bed and had me start out by massaging her feet (I had kept massage cream in my pocket).

This progressed to a full body massage before I was permitted to orally serviced her front and then back. I was so happy and she really enjoyed it. She had me kiss and lick her feet while she used her fingers to bring herself to climax.

She asked how I'd like to come and I said it would be really nice if she sat on the armchair in the room and watched me kneel in front of her. It was so nice.

She sat stretched out naked on the cushioned armchair in the hotel room while I knelt before her kissing and worshipping her feet, and looking up at her adoringly. She could see I looked so happy in this position and she took great pleasure from it.

She then had me pleasure myself and have my climax come onto her foot, which she happily watched as I had to lick it from her. I get excited even remembering a second of it.

It was such a wonderful evening that will stay with my always. She was so happy and appreciated the effort I made to take care of her.


  1. Dreaming for many years of having the chance to life my live in such a way, allow me to concratulate you!

  2. Happy Anniversary. I lost your blog for a few weeks, but have hit follow. I joined blogger to follow your experiences. You are very couragous.

  3. She reacted to your prep work with appreciation. Looks like you did well. I always like when my wife acknowledges thoughtfulness of mine. I have recently been working on empathy to her wants/wishes and find recently I am able to anticipate them easier. It is a difficult exercise, but with her engaged on the reinforcing end, it has progressed. Perhaps you can make it an overt request to yours as well. I find being open with communication to my wife helpful not only for her to stay informed, but for me because I receive the benefit of her improved oversight.